4 EPSILON is both a new but also a very old educational company. It was established during 2018 but its roots date as back as the mid 70’s.

The company organizes and offers educational programmes for adult education in a lot of areas among which the main are:

  • Psychotherapy through the Arts
  • Psychology, Arts and Well Being
  • Greek Diet
  • Greek Language for foreigners
  • Greek Culture

For the three first areas it will continue offering the programs of BRITISH HELLENIC under a franchising agreement using the same methodology and almost the same team of lecturers. BRITISH HELLENIC has been operating since 1989 and has extensive experience in developing and offering courses for tertiary level and also adult education. Starting this academic year BH will stop offering these programmes. You may find more information about the Centre for Psychotherapy through the Arts here.

For the two last areas 4EPSILON will continue offering the respective programmes of the Center of Greek Language and Culture «ALEXANDER THE GREAT». The Center has started its operation in the mid 70’s and has developed a lot of new methods and educational materiel for the teaching of Greek to foreigners a lot of which have been financed by the EU. You may find more information here.